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Product Description


Brand Name: perroquet

Category: Tent for 3-4 People

Origin: Mainland China

Bracket Category: Construction Based on Need

Outside Tent Waterproof Index: <1000 mm

Model Number: 300D

Bottom Waterproof Index: <1000 mm

is_customized: Yes

Color: 3D Tree Maple,US 4 Woodland,Khahi,CP Multi,Woodland Digital

Wide: 1.5M

Weight/per square: 80g

Material: 300D 100% Polyester

Operating Life Outside: 1-2 Years

Operating Life Inside: 4-6 Years

Features: 3-D leaf like foliage

Style: Lightweight

Use for 1: Sun Shade Cover Decoration Party

Use for 2: Hunting, Camping, Outdoor

Choice: yes


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The following is a detailed description of the product:

Material:300D 100% Polyester
Features:Lightweight 80g/per square
Style:3-D leaf like foliage,Garden Decoration
Use In:Garden Decoration,Hunting, Camping, Package
Included: 1 pcs * Mesh Fabric

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