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Product Description


The GuardianFoil Emergency Set – a versatile and essential component of any outdoor survival kit. This set of thermal blankets is designed to provide critical protection in a variety of emergency situations.

Product Features:

  • Multi-Functional: Can be used as a reflective signal for rescuers, a protective poncho in the rain, or a sunshade to reduce vehicle heat absorption.
  • Heat Retention: Capable of retaining up to 80% of body heat in cold environments, with a reflective surface for high visibility.
  • Lightweight & Compact: Each blanket weighs only 40g and unfolds to a generous size of 130x210cm (51.18x82.68 inches).
  • Durable Material: Made from PET film with a special coating for extra strength and waterproofing.
  • Color: Classic silver for maximum reflectivity.

Please Note: The actual color may vary slightly from images due to different monitor settings, and a small measurement deviation is possible.

The GuardianFoil Emergency Set is not just a blanket; it’s a multi-purpose tool that could make a difference in your survival and comfort in the wilderness. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or preparing for unforeseen events, this set is an indispensable addition to your gear.

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